Greenbelt Access Television


Malia Murray
Executive Director

Malia Murray's Photo

Ms. Murray began with GATe as a Board member in 1997. She moved to Administrator in 1998She and was promoted to Executive Director in 2005. She currently works on both the administrative side as well as the production end of GATe. She gives instruction in camera-use basics and basic digital editing on Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere.


George Kochell
 Animation Instructor

Mr. Geo is a graphic designer, artist, and instructor. He teaches both children's animation and adult independent study in animation. He is also the foremost authority on Media 100 digital editing, PhotoShop, and Flash software at GATe.

Alan Haley
Production Assistant

Mr. Haley joined GATe with many years of experience in public access with the New Carrollton cable access. He continues to work on cell animation and has begun working in other mediums. His current project is animating life-size dolls.